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Providing product solutions as well as comprehensive full life cycle services to global clients.


Guangzhou Xingyu audio hardware factory is located in Panyu District Shiji Town, Guangzhou City, is a professional audio accessories manufacturer, specializing in the production of professional line array speaker accessories (aluminum / wire array hanging, Tian word frame, fast lock plug) professional speaker accessories (eye, angle iron, clasp, U type rack, wiring backplane, decorative strip aluminum, aluminum oxide column) professional surface color treatment. The factory has a complete set of management system, from design, production, sales to check at all levels, has complete after-sales service, has been well received by customers, and has created a good reputation in the market. The company has a steady stream of engineering projects under the strong market competition, which depends on the long-term support and cooperation of the customers.

The company was established in 2008, and has been engaged in the customized development...